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Sicklepod Rockcress

Arabis sparsiflora (AR-uh-biss spar-SIF-lor-uh)

Sicklepod Rockcress, Arabis sparsiflora, copyright 2008 Andy Fyon,

Family: Mustard (Brassicaceae)

General: Biennial or short-lived perennial; one to several upright stems; mass of basal leaves up to 10 cm long and less than 8 mm wide; leaves may be toothed; lower part of plants are hairy; numerous smaller stem leaves that are somewhat clasping; flower structure is a long, loose mass of many flowers; 4 white to deep purple petals; individual flower is up to 14 mm in length; flowers are generally arched in outline and may be ascending to spreading-drooping in form.

Height: Up to 80 cm tall.

Habitat: arid, sagebrush and conifer habitats.

Location: Plateau Mountain, Alberta
Date: July 1, 2006

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