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Click here for tourism and hiking information about Keno City area.


Keno, Yukon, Andy Fyon,

Keno Hill, Yukon, Andy Fyon,

The location of Keno City, Yukon, relative to Whitehorse, Yukon. Source GoogleEarth.

Detailed view of Keno Hill, Minto Hill, and Monument Hill, Keno City, Yukon.  The blue dots represent locations of images from many photographers, available on GoogleEarth.

Sign post located near Keno Hill, Yukon, Copyright 2008 Andy Fyon,

Frost polygons at Monument Hill, Keno City, Copyright 2008 Andy Fyon,

Keno City is an historic mining area - silver-rich galena was discovered in 1918.  United Keno Hill Mines established the original wooden signpost in 1956, as part of meeting associated with the International Geophysical Year. The sign post arrows provide the approximate distance to cities represented by the meeting delegates.

Frost polygons present at the top of Monument Hill, Keno City area.  The part of the mountain was exposed about the ice and snow that shaped the area during the last glaciation.  Such areas are called “nunataks”.  Geologists conclude that 18,000 years ago, at the peak of the most recent glaciation, valley glaciers occupied the valleys around the lower parts of the Keno Hill mountains. Click here for a simplified glacial history of the area.

Old mining cabin, Keno Hill, Yukon, copyright 2008 Andy Fyon,

Mining museum, Keno City, Yukon, copyright 2008 Andy Fyon,

An old mining cabin at Sheep Camp, Keno Hill, Yukon.

The front of the mining and historic museum at Keno City. Without a doubt, of the many historic museums that we have seen, this is one of the best, designed, laid out, and staff with care, thoughtfulness, and attention to detail.  The new hard wood interior is as dramatic as the holdings.

Fireweed and delphinium at Keno snackbar, Yukon, copyright 2008 Andy Fyon,

Mine car, 700 Mine, Keno, Yukon, copyright 2008 Andy Fyon,

Fireweed and delphinium flowers growing wild beside the snack bar at Keno, July 27, 2008.

Historic mine car at the 700 Mine, Keno Hill, Yukon. Access to the Alpine on Keno Hill is made universally accessible by virtue of a network of old mine roads that date back to 1918. July 27, 2008.

Scenery and History:

Once above the treeline, the subalpine and alpine are easily accessible.  The area has an history of mining, following discovery of silver in 1918. The target was silver and lead, as galena.  An old access road affords access to the alpine on Keno Hill, Minto Hill and Monument Hill.  There are some old mining-related structures on the mountain and caution is needed.  As an aside, without the road access, rough as it is, very few people would be able to reach the subalpine and alpine meadows to enjoy the flowering plants and the scenery.

Click here for an excellent on-line brochure that describes the natural and societal history of the area, including hiking opportunities.

Flowering Plants:

Illustrated on these pages are images of flowering plants photographed in the area of Mt Montana and Sugarloaf Mountain, south of Carcross, Yukon, Canada.  The plants occur in the subalpine and alpine zones.  The range of species illustrated is not comprehensive. The intent is to illustrate only a few of the many species that occur on Mt Montana and Sugarloaf Mountain.  A visit at different times of the summer will yield different species in flower.  Although focusing on this part of Yukon, the wildflowers illustrated on these pages may occur elsewhere in Yukon and in parts of British Columbia, Alberta, and Northwest Territories.

Wildflower Common Name

Wildflower Scientific Name

Thumbnail Image




Alpine Harebell

Campanula uniflora

Alpine harebell, copyright 2009 Andy Fyon,




Heart-leaved Saxifrage

Saxifraga nelsoniana

Yukon saxifrage, copyright 2009 Andy Fyon,




Moss Gentian

Gentiana prostrata

Moss gentian, copyright 2009 Andy Fyon,





Aconitum delphinifolium

Monkshood, copyright 2008 Andy Fyon,




Narcissus-flowered Anemone

Anemone narcissiflora

narcissus-flowered anemone, keno hill, yukon, copyright 2008 Andy Fyon,




Pink Plumes or Pink Bistort

Polygonum bistorta

Pink plumes or Pink bistort, copyright 2008 Andy Fyon,




Pussytoes, Single-headed

Antennaria monocephala

Single-headed pussytoes, copyright 2008 Andy Fyon,



Ross Avens

Geum rossii

Ross avens, copyright 2008, Andy Fyon,




Sweet Coltsfoot

Petasites frigidus

Sweet coltsfoot, carcross, yukon, copyright 2008 Andy Fyon,




Little weaselsnout

Lagotis glauca ssp. minor (Lagotis minor)

Little weaselsnout, Lagotis minor, copyright 2009 Andy Fyon,




Woolly Lousewort

Pedicularis lanata

Woolly lousewort, carcross, yukon, copyright 2008 Andy Fyon,






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