Cotton grass

Cotton grass

Andy's Northern Ontario Wildflowers

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Alpine Wildflowers

Yukon Wildflowers

Giant Hogweed

Sudbury Wildflowers


Plant List

Selection by Colour

Flowering period

Waste area wildflowers

Wildflower Meadows

Wildflowers of deciduous and coniferous forests

Wildflowers and plants in wet areas (lakes, bogs, beaches)


Flowering Shrubs

Wildflowers and slide shows from other geographic areas: Bearskin Lake First Nation, Marten Falls First Nation, North Spirit Lake First Nation, Eabametoong First Nation, Webequie First Nation

Other "Plants"

Mushrooms + Fungi

Moss & lichen


Burwash Scenery

Seasonal images of Burwash (Spring, summer, fall, winter)

Burwash Area Images

Local Wildlife

Birds, Animals, Amphibians, Reptiles, Insects, Butterflies, Scats and Tracks

Manitoulin Wildflowers

Manitoulin Alvar Types and Wildflowers

Shore alvar flowering plants

Open alvar pavement flowering plants

Grassland alvar flowering plants

Alvar Woodland flowering plants

Sand dune and beach plants

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Wildflower Note Cards

Wildflower Fridge Magnet

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Wildflower Identification Sheets

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Public Presentations on Geology and Wildflowers

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Sale of Photographic Prints and Digital Images:

Licenses to many of the images illustrated on my photography web pages may be purchased for high resolution JPEG files, some are available as high resolution tiff images. Photographic Prints are available for many of the images.

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I receive many requests for the free use of my images.

If you are a non-profit environmental, conservation, or educational organization or if you are a student working on an educational project, write to me and request permission to use my on-line JPEG images for your projects. We will discuss your project to determine if your project is eligible for an educational licence.

If I grant a license, there are some conditions that will apply, including:

  • provide acknowledgment as follows: Image credit: Andy Fyon, Ontario Wildflower,

  • send to me the URL of the website where the image is used if it's to be used on the Internet

  • grant me permission to cite your use on my web site to profile my work

  • students using my images in their off-line papers and projects should show the precise web page from which they took the image.

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I do not give my images away.

I do charge a license fee that helps pay for this website and covers the production costs, and demonstrates to me that you REALLY want to use my image.

I won't ask for a copy of your book for free. Please don't ask to use my images for free.

Licence conditions and fee depends on use, media type, print run, and image size (both native format and on media).  I have licence agreements that you are required to sign before you can use the image.  I always keep the copyright.

Remember, image copyright is protected by international law. Please don't find yourself, or your company, in a compromised legal position. It is very easy to find and identify illegal or unauthorized image use.

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