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Some Useful Wildflower Reference Books

Click Here for a more complete list of Reference Books that I use, complete with book cover.

A Field Guide to Wildflowers of Northeastern and Northcentral North America, Roger Tory Peterson and Margaret McKenny (1968), Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, 420 p.

Alaska - Yukon Wild Flowers Guide (1974): Helen A. White (Ed), Maxcine Williams (Assistant Editor), Alaska Northwest Books, Anchorage, 218p.

Alpine Wildflowers (1990): Dee Strickler, The Flower Press, Montana, 112p.

Animal Tracks of Ontario, Ian Sheldon (1997), Lone Pine Publishing, Edmonton Alberta, 159 p.
Comment: a helpful, pocket-sized reference book for animal tracks.

Flora of the Yukon Territory (2000) William Cody, 2nd edition, NRC Research Press, Ottawa, 669p.

Forest Plants of Central Ontario, Brenda Chambers, Karen Legasy, and Cathy Bentley (1996), Lone Pine Publishing, Edmonton Alberta, 448 p.

National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Wildflowers - Eastern Region, William A. Niering and Nancy C. Olmstead; Alfred A. Knopf Inc. (pub.), New York, 18th edition, 1998, 887 p.

National Audubon Society First Field Guide to Wildflowers, Susan Hood (1998), Scholastic Inc., Toronto, 159 p.
Comment: a useful resource for children.

Newcomb's Wildflower Guide, Lawrence Newcomb (1977), Little, Brown and Company (Canada) Limited, Toronto, 490 p.
An alternative plant identification process.

The History and Folklore of North American Wildflowers, Timothy Coffey (1993), Houghton Mifflin Company, New York, New York, paperback, 356 p.

The Goldenrods of Ontario: Solidago L. and Euthamia Nutt. (1999): John C. Semple, Gordon S. Ringius, and Jie Jay Zhang, 3rd edition, University of Waterloo Biology Series 39: 1-99.
An excellent technical resource describing goldenrods in Ontario. The descriptions are rather technical but the location maps will help you determine if the species occurs in your area.

The Language of Flowers, Marthe Seguin-Fontes (2001), translated version published by Sterling Publishing Co., New York, New York, 152 p.
Comment: useful resource for Language of Flowers; plants are mostly garden perennials and only a few wildflowers are discussed.

The Wildflowers of Canada (2001), Classic reprint series published by Algrove Publishing Limited, Ottawa.
Comment: reprint of an original series of 18 installments originally printed in the Montreal Star as a series of pamphlets inserted in the newspaper.

Weeds of Canada and the Northern United States, France Royer and Richard Dickinson (1999), Lone Pine Publishing and the University of Alberta Press, Edmonton, 434 p.

Wetland Plants of Ontario, Steven Newmaster, Allan Harris, and Linda Kershaw (1997), Lone Pine Publishing, Edmonton Alberta, 240 p.

Wildflowers of Ontario (2004); Timothy Dickinson, Deborah Metsger, Jenny Bull, and Richard Dickinson; Royal Ontario Museum and McClelland and Stewart Ltd., 412 p.
An excellent field guide that focuses on wildflowers of Ontario. I like the insert maps that illustrate the known distribution of each plant.

Wildflowers of the Canadian Rockies (1986), George W. Scotter and Halle Flygare, Nature in Wild Places Press, Canmore Alberta, 170p.

Wild Flowers of the United States, Harold William Rickett (1965), McGraw-Hill Book Company, New York, Volume 1, Part 2 of Two Parts, The Northeastern States, Publication of the New York Botanical Garden, 230 p.

Wild Flowers of the United States, Harold William Rickett (1965), McGraw-Hill Book Company, New York, Volume 1, Part 2 of Two Parts, The Northeastern States, Publication of the New York Botanical Garden, 559 p.

Wildflowers Across the Prairies, F.R. Vance, J.R. Jowsey, J.S. McLean, and F.A. Switzer (1999, 3rd Edition), Greystone Books, Toronto, 382 p.

Wildflowers and the Stories Behind Their Names, Phyllis S. Busch (1977), Charles Scribner's Sons, New York, 88 p.




Canadian Wildflower or Nature Links

Web Site URL


Canada's Aquatic Environments, produced by the CyberNatural Software Group at the University of Guelph. It is a site dedicated to the improvement of educational materials available to schools, postsecondary institutions, and the general public through the use of interactive digital media.

Designated Provincial - Territorial wildflowers for the Canada.

Digital Flora of Newfoundland and Labrador Vascular Plants 

Evergreen: Brining nature to our cities. Evergreen is a Canadian charitable organization with a mandate to bring nature to our cities through naturalization projects. Evergreen motivates people to create and sustain healthy, natural outdoor spaces and gives them the practical tools to be successful.

Flora, fauna, earth, and sky...The natural history of the northwoods - Plants of the North.

Ontario Ferns

George Barron's Website on Fungi.

John C. Semple (University of Waterloo): An excellent technical site, with images, devoted to the evolution and classification of Asters, Goldenasters and Goldenrods.

Ontario Ferns

Limestone Barrens of the Great Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland.

Native Orchid Conservation Inc. - based out of Manitoba, Canada: a non-profit organization dedicated to protect unique mini-ecosystems and their plant communities, primarily involving native orchids.

Northern Ontario Plant Database (NOPD) documents information from herbarium specimens. There is information from over 46,000 herbarium sp. Work is conducted by students at Algoma University College, Lakehead University, Sault College of Applied Arts and Technologies, and Lake Superior State University.

Ontario Ferns

Ontario Trees and Shrubs: Images and descriptions of trees and shrubs that grow in Ontario, Canada.

Ontario Ferns

Ontario Ferns: Images of ferns that grow in Ontario, Canada.

Ontario Ferns

Ontario Grasses, Sedges and Rushes Images and descriptions about the grasses, sedges, and rushes that grow in Ontario, Canada.

Orchid Society of Royal Botanical Gardens has compiled information on Canadian Native Orchids. On-line information is presented by genus. The information included is location, specific habitat, flowering season, description, and comments. Also included are photographs of habitat, plant and flower.

Rare plants of Ontario, hosted by the Royal Botanical Gardens. The objective of the Canadian Botanical Conservation Network is to preserve the biological diversity of Canada's of rare and endangered native plant species, wild habitats and ecosystems through the education and conservation programs.

Vascular Plants of Wisconsin - Asters of Wisconsin

Wildflowers of Ontario

Wildflowers of southwestern Ontario Canada

Wildflower Watch by Dean A. Gugler, Amateur Naturalist

Alpine Wildflowers

Wildflowers and Scenery of the Canadian Rockies.

Links to Naturalist or Photographic Groups

Wildflowers4Families: This is a great concept web site designed to introduce families to the joy of wildflowers through family-planned hikes and related natural science information.  Hikes are available for the several geographic areas.

Kawartha Conservation: a watershed-based environmental organization with a particular focus on water. It is one of 36 conservation authorities operating in Ontario with a mandate to manage natural resources.

NativeTech:  An Internet resource for indigenous ethno-technology - native American Technology and Art. Indigenous Plants and Native Uses in the Northeast. The site describes Native American uses of local plants for food and medicine, as well as some technological and ceremonial uses.

DEREILA IMAGES - The Nature in British Columbia.

Birds Ontario, Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas (1981-1985): A web-based illustration of breeding birds and breeding locations found in Ontario.

Penokean Hills Field Naturalists, Elliot Lake, Ontario: an educational and advocacy forum for its members and the community at large to promote interest, knowledge, conservation and preservation of the natural history, habitat and environment of our region.

International Wildflower or Nature Links

North American Native Plant Society:Dedicated to the study, conservation, cultivation and restoration of native plants.

Wildflowers of the Northwest.  A PhotoGuide of the many beautiful wildflowers that can be spotted in the Pacific Northwest.

Lichen's of North America -  Sylvia and Stephen Sharnoff (photographic fieldwork) and Irwin M.Brodo; information about the book, Lichens of North America;  lichen biology and how lichens interact with the greater environment; lichens and wildlife.

Katherine's Studio! - the language of flowers. A site devoted to the meaning of flowers.

John O'Neill's American Wildflowers: Intimate portraits, captured in the field under natural light. John sells his images as well.

Mykoweb: a comprehensive web site devoted to the fun and science of fungi in the San Francisco Bay area, USA.

Michael Hogan Photography - Fine Art Photography of Southern New Jersey. Includes images of the New Jersey Pine Barrens - photographs and habitat descriptions of this unique area.

Nature images of British Columbia, specifically the areas of Kitimat, Terrace and Photographs of the Pacific Northwest by Kurt Knoll.

Butterfly Information

Butterflies of Ontario: A website that provides a handy guide to the butterflies of Ontario. 

The website is devoted to the hobby and study of butterflies in Ontario, Canada. This site is intended to provide information and build awareness of the beauty of butterflies that are present in Ontario.

The Butterfly Website: very useful to help identify moths and butterflies. An excellent site packed full of information on all sorts of Butterfly topics, written by entomologist Randi Jones. Contains links to sites all over the web for even more information on butterflies.

A Guide To North American Butterflies: part of a wedding theme website, but the butterfly information is useful.

Commercial Links

These are sites of interest to those seeking wildflower plants grown in an ethical way.  This is not an endorsement of these companies. These sites also contain useful information about wildflowers and therefore are useful places to visit even if you do not intend to buy their products. I have purchased plants or seeds from some of these commercial providers.

Acorus Restoration, ecological consultation and native plant nursery.

Botanic Arts: Digital photographic studies of plants by Canadian photographer Graeme Coxon

Wildflower Farm

Connaught Nursery: Located in Cobden, Ontario, Connaught Nursery provides ethically grown native plants typical of the Ottawa valley.

Wildflower Farm

Easyliving Native Perennial Wildflowers (

Native Plant Source: Provides plant materials, information and services for the re-establishment and healing of Ontario's native plant communities. A Canadian supplier.

Virtual North: A site listing outdoor adventures and wilderness recreation in Canada.

Wild About Flowers: a supplier of Native Perennial Alberta Wildflowers available as plugs and seed packaged individually or in mixes to help you get your garden off and running. Seed is collected in southern Alberta and is grown out-of-doors to yield root plugs that are in tune with the growing season and able to be planted at anytime as long as the ground is workable.

Wild Canada: A Canadian commercial source of native plants.

Wildflower Farm

Wildflower Farm: A Canadian source of wildflowers and native grasses for ecological gardening.


Burwash Ontario Links



Burwash ghost town

Burwash Ontario: Insight to the recreational and cultural potential of the Burwash Ontario area.

Burwash ghost town

Ontario Abandoned Places - a comprehensive set of photographs of the Burwash site.

Burwash ghost town

Burwash ghost town.

Northern Ontario Medical Links

Web Site URL


The Sioux Lookout Zone Family Physicians - operates out of the Meno-Ya-Win Health Centre in Sioux Lookout, Northwestern Ontario, to provide medical services to 25 of the 28 isolated First Nations communities in Northwestern Ontario that reach north all the way to Hudson Bay.

Northern Ontario School of Medicine - Canada’s newest medical school for the 21st Century, with education and training programs that span the life cycle of a physician practicing in Northern Ontario.

Other Interesting Links

Web Site URL


Professor Beaker's Learning Labs - source of science and technology resources for elementary school children.

Rideau Canal Waterway information - a non-commercial site, created on a hobby basis by Ken Watson.


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