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Mountain Fleabane

Erigeron humilis

Mountain fleabane, copyright 2009 Andy Fyon,


Also known as: Alpine fleabane.

Habitat: Moist grassy places, below snow banks, and on gravelly rocks, mossy areas with high organic content.  The plant prefers non-calcareous rocky areas, such as granitic scree, and on nitrogen-rich areas, such as bird perches.

Interest: Member of the Evening Primrose family.  This plant is densely hairy near the flower heads and on its leaves.  Basal leaves are spatulate in shape.  The flowers are solitary with many white ray flowers and yellow disk flowers. The flower heads take on a bluish-purple colour as the age. This is a circum polar, northern hemispheric plant. This is an Arctic or Alpine tundra plant.

More info: Flora of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago

Location: Mount Montana, Carcross, Yukon
Date: July 16, 2008

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