Northern raspberry

Northern raspberry


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Alpine Wildflowers

Yukon Wildflowers

Giant Hogweed

Sudbury Wildflowers


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Waste area wildflowers

Wildflower Meadows

Wildflowers of deciduous and coniferous forests

Wildflowers and plants in wet areas (lakes, bogs, beaches)


Flowering Shrubs

Wildflowers and slide shows from other geographic areas: Bearskin Lake First Nation, Marten Falls First Nation, North Spirit Lake First Nation, Eabametoong First Nation, Webequie First Nation

Other "Plants"

Mushrooms + Fungi

Moss & lichen


Burwash Scenery

Seasonal images of Burwash (Spring, summer, fall, winter)

Burwash Area Images

Local Wildlife

Birds, Animals, Amphibians, Reptiles, Insects, Butterflies, Scats and Tracks

Manitoulin Wildflowers

Manitoulin Alvar Types and Wildflowers

Shore alvar flowering plants

Open alvar pavement flowering plants

Grassland alvar flowering plants

Alvar Woodland flowering plants

Sand dune and beach plants

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Illustrated on the linked pages are plants observed in other geographic areas and slide shows of community events.

The plant list for these areas is NOT exhaustive.  Rather, only a small number of the plants in these areas are illustrated.

Note that plants were taken at different times of the growing season.  Therefore, you may not find a specific plant if you visit one of these areas at a different time of the year.


Geographic Areas:


The slide shows illustrate some community events that we were encouraged to document during our visits.  For more information about the community contacts, please contact Andy Fyon, who recorded most of the images included in the slide shows.

Slide Shows:




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