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Ontario Wildflower Stock Image Suites:

All wildflower and nature images of animals, scats, and scenery, including images NOT illustrated on the Northern Ontario Wildflower web site, are available for purchase as stock images.

Note that the Internet does not come close in showing the color and detail of the original images.

Perhaps you have a presentation to give describing habitats in and adjacent to a coniferous forest. We can work together to assemble a suite of habitat and wildflower images to meet your needs.  Because of the dedicated time required to assemble a suite, delivery time may take 1 month.

To identify the images you want to order, just use the name of the image used on the web page. I will confirm by email to ensure we agree on the terms and conditions and that I am about to process the correct image.

Prices for image suites are quoted after I receive and assess your request.

Regardless of the use, I retain the copyright to the images.  I sell licenses for use of my images.

Image Use Rates and Prints


Image download and making of prints for your own personal use from these galleries is NOT permitted.  All images are protected by copyright.  May images contain tiny strings of code that facilitates tracking if posted on the web.

Commercial and Non-commercial Use Use:

Non-commercial use of the images by a non-profit or educational organization is subject to a small license fee.  Ask for my permission and we can discuss your needs and the value of the license fee.

For commercial use, I issue a one-time, non-exclusive licence, but I retain the copyright for the image.  The licence terms are determined following consideration of;

  • the type of use, such as technical, educational, editorial, marketing;

  • publication type, such as magazine, book, poster, newsletter, newspaper;
  • press run or distribution number;
  • publication language;
  • image size in the publication, such as single spot use or 1/4 page, 1/2 page, full page or major illustration, front cover, or back cover;
  • publication form, such as hardcopy or electronic;
  • other considerations.

Upon receipt and consideration of the information about the commercial use, I issue a formal quotation.  If we agree on terms and license fee, the image is provided for your inspection.  The licence is issued upon receipt of licence payment.

What constitutes a commercial use?

A commercial activity is one where items are sold, admission is charged to access a site where the image is displayed, or you draw a salary, then I define your endeavor as commercial.  This includes Governments, Conservation Authorities, and not-for-profit organizations.  If you have a source of income, then you are a commercial enterprise.

Fine Prints

Fine prints up to 13 x 19 inches are available for purchase.  Click here for information on this product.

Payment Terms:

It is easy to order. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Send an email to me stating your request.

  2. I will return a confirmation email to ensure I understand your order, provide any additional ordering information, confirm the total order cost, and ask you to confirm your order. This step helps reduce the risk of frivolous orders and ensures there are no surprises for you or me.
  3. You confirm your order, accept the total order price, and make the payment for the greeting cards, fridge magnets, image suites, and prints.
  4. I prepare your order and inform you by email on the day your order is shipped.
  5. Payment by PayPal is available. Please email for directions.

Cheques are payable to: Professor Beaker's Learning Labs.

Contact Information:

    Andy Fyon
    c/o Ontario Wildflower
    147 Stewart Drive
    Sudbury, Ontario P3E 2R6

More Information:
Call 705-522-8489 or E-mail Andy Fyon at:


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