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The following images illustrate some of the homes that wildlife build in the Burwash area, south of the city of Sudbury.

This is the same area were most of the wildflowers were photographed.

List of animal homes:

Animal Homes

Beaverlodge, Burwash Ontario.

Beaver lodge: beavers build lodges close to areas of alder or poplar - important food sources.

Location: Burwash
Date: April 22, 2001

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Fox home in the ground.

An animal home in the ground. This is possibly the entrance to a foxes home.

Location: Burwash
Date: April 14, 2001

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Woodpecker holes

Woodpeckers live in holes in trees. Woodpeckers also create holes when they look for insects beneath the tree bark.

Location: Burwash
Date: April 15, 2001

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Squirel's home in the ground.

Squirel's home in the ground.

Red squirrels are common in the conifer forest, where seeds from the cones of jack pine provide lots of food. One squirrel built its home in an old stump.  Another burrowed a hole into the ground. In both cases, the pile of fresh wood cuttings and seed husks is a tell-tale sign that the holes are active.

Location: Burwash
Date: December 16, 2001 (3 days before the snow came)

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