Andy's Yukon Wildflowers

Pink Plumes or Pink Bistort

Keno Hill, Keno City

Polygonum bistorta
(pol-LIG-go-num) (bis-TOR-tuh)

Pink bistort, copyright 2008 Andy Fyon,


Also known as: Meadow bistort, Persicaria bistorta, Bistorta major, Dragonwort, Easter giant, Patience dock, Red legs, Snakeweed, Sweet dock, Bistort.

Habitat:  Polygonum bistorta is a perennial plant that prefers moist habitats, such as wet meadows, grassy bogs, wet creek banks, ditches, edges and clearings of thin forests, among bush thickets, in subalpine and alpine meadows, and in mountain tundras. Local soil may be acidic and rich in peat.

Interest: This root is thick, knobby, and is twisted into an S-shape. The root may reach a length of 10's cm and is  black on the outside and red on the inside. The red to rose-colored flowers appear from May to August.

Location: Keno Hill, Keno City, Yukon
Date: July 27, 2008

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